Employee Benefits

Talent retention is a major challenge for Australian companies.  Our global partners demand comprehensive solutions to assist with:

  • Attracting the best talent.
  • Retaining talent.
  • Reducing employee turnover which is a very costly expense.
  • Reducing down time for business.

Management Liability

Protecting you and

your business

Risks are inherent in all areas of business. If a claim is made against a company director or manager from someone within or outside the company, the associated legal costs and damages can be significant.

Remove the uncertainty

Our difference

Unlike our competitors we operate as Authorised Representatives of a full Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).  Whilst our competitors may operate under a Limited AFSL.  This allows us to provide:

  • Wholesale advice to Companies (group policies).
  • Specific advice and strategies in seminar format for employees, or to a small group of executives, and to answer your HR teams specific questions.

We understand the issues, we do not outsource it.

We help you with a clear, concise approach.

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Employee Benefits fall into 3 key areas:

  1. Life, TPD and Income Protection.
  2. Private Health Insurance.
  3. Employee Assistance Programs.

Income Protection

  1. Australia has statutory benefits for employees of 10 days sick leave and 20 days Annual (Holiday) leave each year of employment.
  2. After this a Company can choose to continue paying employees themselves, or offer leave without pay, or the employee resigns.
  3. Income protection gives the company superior alternatives.
  4. This cost is usually tax deductible to the business.
  5. The employees see this as an excellent benefit, and it saves them having personal policies at their own expense.
  6. Corporate policies can be placed with as few as 10 employees and above.
  7. Larger cases of 100+ employees we may tender to ensure the Company receives great value for money.

Life and TPD

  1. Nil statutory requirement for a Company to provide for employees.
  2. A usual amount is 3 – 5 times annual salary (TRP).
  3. Again, it is seen as an excellent benefit saving an employee money.

Private Health Insurance

For global partners it is a normal requirement to provide private health insurance for their Australian employees. This is for uniformity across the global employee benefit program.

Is ISO27001 (Information Security) an essential requirement? We can assist with a specialist PHI provider with ISO27001 certification.

Why subsidise?  

  • Corporate participation in Private health insurance is increasing with 26% of employers looking to increase or add insured employee benefits in the next 6 -12 months.
  • 60% of health plans provide cover to dependants in addition to coverage for the employee.
  • Fourth most appealing benefit according to Seek, behind flexible working hours, time in lieu and working from home.
  • Partially funded plans are common cost sharing and employees are more engaged with the benefit.
  • Cost sharing results in employees having low or no out of pockets as well as access to better value products.
  • Employees with strong overall well-being are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs and 32% more likely to stay with the company according to Gallup Research.

Employee Assistance Programs

  • Most larger Australian companies provide access to an EAP to employees.
  • These can be on a ‘Pay as you use” basis or Funded.
  • The items range from Counselling to exclusive discounts, gym membership, discounts on shopping, entertainment, travel and holidays.
  • Costs are typically less than $70 per employee per year.
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