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International Insurance

Tailored solutions for

multinational risks

Tailored solutions for

multinational risks

Remove the uncertainty

Increasing globalisation and consolidation of industries are fundamentally changing the risk management landscape, and with these changes come new challenges for international risk management.

Increasing globalisation and consolidation of industries are fundamentally changing the risk management landscape, and with these changes come new challenges for international risk management.

Remove the uncertainty

A global network for local delivery

An effective international network is one of the key requirements for effective international insurance program management and delivery, putting practical resources at the disposal of our clients around the world.

A core element that sets HDL apart is our truly worldwide reach. With one of the most extensive networks of any corporate insurance broker, HDL has on the ground representation in over 140 countries through 2,000 offices with over 24,000 employees. 

By combining HDL with carefully selected network partners, we provide clients with the optimal mix of high quality local representation. This ensures that our clients have easy access to HDL services wherever they need them.

Whilst we can transact business through our UnisonSteadfast network, unlike our competitors we are free to use expertise external to these partners.  This flexibility allows us to provide the best outcome for you at all times in any country in which you operate.

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The challenge

Around the world, in politics and in trade, boundaries are shifting bringing with it an ever-increasing change of pace. From merger activity and acquisitions to outsourcing and the growing internationalisation of the value chain, new risks are emerging, all of which require a dynamic and flexible response.

Global businesses therefore require global solutions, and so risk management has never been more challenging or more important.

Your business is global, so are your risks

No longer can you rely on independently arranged local solutions to address such risks. A more holistic and seamless approach is required: one that delivers the assurance of truly global protection, combined with the benefits of local delivery.

Such a solution poses a challenge, but for HDL this is our core business, where our principals have over 40 years experience in designing and managing international insurance programs.

Our approach to international insurance programs

Multi-national risk exposures are naturally complex. Various locations, each with their own specific requirements, can be accommodated within a combination of local policies embedded in a global ‘umbrella’ of coverage.

HDL tailors International Insurance Programs to respond to the multi-national risks of our clients. Each program consists of a centrally coordinated combination of local policies and a master policy which provides cover on a Difference in Conditions and/or Difference in Limits (DIC/DIL) basis, thereby harmonising cover for the benefit of corporate clients across all locations.

Our international insurance program clients range from smaller companies with only a few international locations to large global corporations with the most complex exposures spanning dozens of countries. For all such clients, irrespective of their size, an international insurance program can deliver a holistic approach to international risk management.

Local compliance

With multiple legal and tax regimes worldwide, all international insurance programs require careful evaluation of the different options available.

At the core of an international insurance program is the concept of a global master cover, providing umbrella protection over and above any underlying local policies. Within this core concept, it is possible to adopt different approaches to the issuance of local policies, subject to the your wishes and, equally important, meeting the local regulatory and tax requirements. Typically, there are several basic scenarios to be considered, including:

  1. stand alone local policies issued worldwide
  2. local policies combined with master cover (providing DIC/DIL cover to accommodate coverage gaps at a local level
  3. non-admitted policies, subject to fulfilment of certain conditions.

All of which require a clear understanding of local laws and regulations in order to strive for full local compliance. HDL collects updated information on regulatory and tax requirements and carefully factors them into the design of each and every program.

HDL, the right partner for you.

Key risk management issues for global businesses

  • New risks emerging from mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.
  • New exposures from vertical and horizontal integration and accelerated supply chains.
  • Global interdependencies between suppliers and customers, as well as with business partners.
  • Increased regulation creates additional need for transparency and corporate governance.
  • Multinational legal and fiscal environments.
  • Increased international trade in emerging markets, increasing exposures and the potential for international litigation.
  • Pressure to improve efficiency and effectiveness of risk management, especially on a globally coordinated basis.

Access to global regulatory information

We have access to global regulatory and compliance information to ensure we’re keeping our clients informed with the most up to date developments.

This information is provided by country and includes:

  • Non-admitted status
  • In-country regulations
  • Insurance limits
  • Professional liability requirements
  • Certificate protocols
  • Specific information requirements for each country

Experience you can rely on

Through our longstanding experience in the conception of international insurance programs and in-depth knowledge of local and international insurance markets, HDL is well placed to meet your global requirements including:

  • A centralised insurance, risk management and claims team, experienced in handling international insurance programs, available to visit overseas locations and build a detailed understanding of the business and a close working relationship with each operating division.
  • Local teams with the expertise to combine sound commercial advice with in-depth knowledge of the legal environment and regulatory constraints, ensuring that you benefit from a tailored approach to your global exposures.
  • Comprehensive insurance registers, which clearly outline the structure of the insurance programme for each territory, highlighting the combinations of local policy coverage, limits and deductibles, and how these dovetail with ‘umbrella’ policies providing overall group protection.
  • An approach to risk management that enables businesses to manage their exposures effectively through a combination of local support and advice, and the sharing of central ‘best practice’ across the organisation, supported by regular reviews and regulatory updates.
  • Claims handling procedures that address the need for local claims administration in relation to minor losses, with the involvement of a dedicated major loss specialist responsible for managing significant and/or complex claims throughout the organisation.
  • A robust communication framework which combines the core elements of the centralised and local team knowledge, program coverage, risk management and claims handling expertise, and ensures that businesses are kept fully up to date with all aspects of their international insurance program.

Complimentary Review

Complimentary Review

Securing optimal insurance protection is becoming more challenging.

Having a fresh set of eyes can make a dramatic difference.  HDL welcomes the opportunity to evaluate and challenge your current risk and insurance program in a confidential manner that avoids disrupting existing relationships.

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Our Global Insurance Network

Over 150 Insurers across the globe.

Our Global Insurance Network

Over 150 Insurers across the globe.