Our approach to risk

Our approach to risk

Confidence through

informed decisions

Confidence through

informed decisions

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Everyone has particular needs in regard to their risk and insurance. HDL provides an informed decision-making process, including appropriate delivery models ensuring all solutions address your needs.

Everyone has particular needs in regard to their risk and insurance. HDL provides an informed decision-making process, including appropriate delivery models ensuring all solutions address your needs.

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“Our clients choose HDL for many reasons; our ability to deliver results, our reputation, our global industry knowledge and differentiation, to name just a few. The reasons behind client decisions to partner with us are as varied as the challenges they face. Yet, there is commonality in how we serve our clients, regardless of their industry, market, or objective…….our empathy and commitment to their success.“
John Horsell
Managing Director

Offering you real choice

Significant factors have reshaped conditions in the current insurance market resulting in premium movement and reduced underwriting risk appetite.

With increased scrutiny in renewal discussions, early planning and preparation makes a significant difference to achieving the correct solution that will deliver the most optimal risk transfer program balancing coverage, program design and budget.

HDL offers you real choice through our ability to access all major insurance centres around the world where each of our team members enjoy an excellent reputation for acting with integrity and transparency and, as such, possess significant leverage.

Through “selling your risk” we will help you by exploring all options available and presenting a selection of coverage, pricing and funding options to ensure you are fully protected.

Importantly, we never lose sight of the fact that we are acting for you, delivering on promises and consistently providing you with supporting recommendations, enabling informed decisions to be made.

Through our approach, we will:

How our approach works

We listen to and understand your needs

It all starts with listening to you to understand your specific goals and objectives. We then use our insight into the complexities and intricacies of the risk and insurance landscape allowing us to look at any issues from a perspective others may not even consider, driving our ability to move quickly so you can confidently explore, agree and implement ways to address each issue, achieving the most optimal risk and insurance solution.

Align you with industry specialists

You achieve greater value working with experienced individuals who understand complex risk issues within specialist industries.

We align you with experienced individual team members who have been engaged based on their industry specialisation, integrity, ability to provide outstanding customer service, and commitment to the relentless pursuit of value-added solutions and results.

Undertake risk scoping and analysis

You benefit from our consultative approach to advanced risk solutions and analysis. We assess the cost efficiency of each risk financing solution and provide the guidance required to make informed decisions.

Through simplifying the process you are able to appreciate the options available in delivering an optimal risk financing solution that meets your objectives, risk tolerance and risk appetite.

Develop program design and placement strategies

Following our risk scoping and analysis a bespoke program encapsulating your individual risk transfer needs is designed and presented to the market through an engaging risk and insurance prospectus.

By aligning your needs to market capabilities HDL “sells” risk maximising the scope of cover to achieve the optimum insurance program.

Provide proactive risk control

Through collaboration with internal risk managers, insurance carriers and other external risk experts, HDL provides proactive risk control guidance incorporating prevention, avoidance, transfer and separation strategies aimed at reducing your risk, maintaining risk transfer cost and ultimately protecting your balance sheet.

Support you through integrated service and claims management

Service and claims management are the day-to-day elements that should follow smoothly if the initial risk scoping, design and placement has been successfully achieved.

This is especially true for companies with adverse loss records or those that have evolved in structure; company buyouts, mergers and acquisitions all create a new dimension that requires an independent program review.